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[Sep. 11th, 2006|11:12 am]
Comickaze Webcomic Community


(x-posted to cartooning and comic_writers so I apologize if you're seeing this more than once--I can assure you I will repay you somehow if you're reading this again. Not with money or anything, but definitely with either respect or a firm handshake if you're ever in the area).


Just thought I'd give a shout to the comm to say that, last month, we shot a Pirates of the Caribbean crossover episode of abe_kroenen on location in Jamaica. For those who are unaware of the comic, it's a multi-fandom (primarily Hellboy and LOTR) action figure parody comic of miniature proportions. We're at 61 episodes so far and we'd be delighted if you checked it out!


and the 2nd of the Jamaica episodes:

Here's hoping you enjoy it. :)